41,344 House sales in Barcelona in 2015, rising 62.3% compared with 2007

The government has released the last of 2015’s property market statistics and they reveal steady growth but wide gaps in Spain’s ongoing housing recovery.

The official House Price Index attracted the most headlines by finishing the year up 4.2%. The problem with prices is they tell you very little about the real health of the market.

The numbers we prefer are transactions. How many houses are being bought and sold?


With a full year’s data for 2015 we can take an annualised look at sales and this reveals good news. Overall property market activity rose 10% in 2015, to over 400,000 house sales. International buyers were particularly busy, generating over 71,000 sales and continuing a strong return to the market.

There’s a lot more to the story provincially though. When we check 2015 sales volumes against their 2007 levels, it reveals a very mixed picture of recovery:

Dark green shows a faster market recovery